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Born in Milan, Italy, I am self taught in photography, but I have always lived among visual art thanks to my father profession (graphic designer).  I am a freelance photographer, working mainly for the book cover market. My images are licensed by two of the most renowned libraries (Arcangel  and Trevillion) and were published on more than 400 book covers all around the world.                                         
A partial list of clients that used my pictures: Simon&Schuster (USA), Little, Brown (UK), Mondadori libri (Italy), Harper Collins (USA), Livre de Poche (France), Kensington Publishing (USA), Newton compton (Italy), DTV Verlag (Germany), Kensington publishing (USA), De Geus (Holland), Editora Arqueiro (Brazil), Plon (France), J'ai Lu (France), Domino nakl. (Czech republic), Klug Poland).                                                

My images were used on covers by very notable writers such as: Stephen King, Jeffery Deaver, Agatha Christie, John Grisham, James Patterson, Ian Rankin, Louise Penny, Nora Roberts, Peter James, Lisa Samson, Anne Perry, George Simenon and others.

One of my specialty is photo manipulation with Photoshop to create something that is close to my imagination. I use the camera and the software to create my own world, my own reality.