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I came from a family where visual art was common place. My father was a graphic designer and a very creative person. Photography was then quite easy for me, since childhood I had a camera in my hand and was familiar with all the technical aspect of it.

The crucial turning point of my professional career was when I moved to Czech republic with my wife after marriage (I am originally from Milan, Italy). Here I started to cooperate with a renowned publisher in Prague: Baronet nakladatelstvi, doing complete design for covers, mostly female romance and science fiction.

Later, in 2006, looking around on the web searching more options for my conceptual and creative images, I discovered the stock photography market. The search brought me to discover two specialized libraries that represented fine art and creative photographers for the book cover market.

These agencies were:

from Malaga, Spain


from Brighton, UK

After submitting my initial portfolio for approval and passing the review, I started to submit my pictures with regularity and the journey began. I had to learn a lot during the first 2-3 years as I was not used to this kind of approach, but with hard work and the right attitude I began to grasp some of the tricks of the trade.

Here I am today, 11 years after, with more than 400 book covers published in the world. Some of which you can see in this website, on my page about published book covers.  To end this my introductory first post I want to show my very first book cover image, licensed by Arcangel:

hands behind glass door, book cover image by Valentino Sanihands behind glass doormysterious figure with hands on a glass door

a book by Ruth Rendell, published in The Netherlands in 2007.

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