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I know sometimes may be difficult, but I am an organized person and I like to set a consistent workflow to manage my new images. Here is what I do.

  1. Each photo is downloaded from my camera (Nikon D800) into a folder of Adobe Lightroom named new images

  2. I begin the selection process. Usually can take some hours, depending on the quantity of images or urgency of it. The selected images go to folder named (quite originally :-): selected

  3. The non-selected images are moved to my folder for raw images that is called again quite simply: raw files

  4. After these initial steps, in the following days I work on images to refine, enhance, color process them and export finally as Tiff or Jpeg, into a folder named ready images that I manage via Adobe Bridge. I then proceed with the keywording and apply my copyright data and contact, making them ready for submission to my agencies

  5. After the images are reviewed by agencies, the rejected pictures goes in the rejected folder to be managed later. If I consider them good I will send them to another agency, like Alamy.

How do you organize your workflow?

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