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July 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This series of blog posts will be about the showing of a published book cover with a photo of mine and the original one as it appears in the agency that license it. Sometimes the cover is nothing more than added text to the original photo, other time the designer has worked around and with the image to create his/her own vision for the book cover.

This image was coming out by chance, playing around with an antique photograph found in a flea market. It shows a married couple, bride and groom. I decided to scrape away the face of her with a scalpel and let it visible over the photo, to give it a "mood" ideal for a thriller. In fact, it became a book cover for the renowned Italian publisher Mondadori, in their Giallo mondadori line.   

bride and groom photo with scalpelbride and groom photo with scalpelphoto of a married couple the face of bride scraped away by a scalpel


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